The Revolutionary

Wine Preservation & Dispensing System

Why Eternal Vino?

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About Eternal Vino

The Revolutionary
Wine Preservation and Dispensing System

Eternal Vino makes use of a patented FreshKeep™ wine saver technology; an innovative yet simple design to guarantee perfectly preserved wine. By taking advantage of Nitrogen technology, our wine dispenser prevents air from oxidizing and ruining the wine, ensuring your wine maintains its quality for months after it is uncorked. Wine connoisseurs and lovers around the globe enjoy the perfect glass of wine, every time, with the Eternal Vino wine preservation and dispensing system.


Our FreshKeep™ Technology has been developed in both the US and Japan and is awaiting approval in Korea and Canada. Eternal Vino is the best-selling commercial wine preservation and dispensing system in Japan with over 80% of the market share. Installed in well over 130 top restaurants and bars across Japan, including wine bars, wine schools, hotel bars, and five-star restaurants.

How does Eternal Vino Wine Station Work?

Our patented technology stops all the harmful elements that may tamper with the wine's integrity from entering the bottle. It is the first-ever wine dispensing system of its kind that prevents all exposure to oxygen during the corking and pouring stages. Our wine station is perfect for establishments like wine bars and restaurants that serve a range of premium quality wines to customers. Eternal Vino allows businesses to offer a larger selection of wine, reduce wastage, and maintain the perfect taste for months.


The Eternal Vino wine dispensing system allows you to have multiple bottles open and ready to pour. To open and preserve your wine bottles, you simply attach the Eternal Vino cork-changer to the required, unopened wine bottle. This creates an airtight chamber, once the chamber is purged of any remaining oxygen use the corkscrew to remove the cork. Once the bottle has been uncorked, push the plug chamber piston into the mouth of the bottle. The plug completely seals the bottle and prevents any oxygen exposure. Once the bottle is sealed with the plug, the wine remains fresh for up to 11 months.

Whenever you need to pour a glass of wine from the selected bottle, simply insert the plug-corked bottle upside down into the Eternal Vino machine. Press the lever and purge the oxygen with nitrogen gas. As the wine is poured into the glass, the system automatically replaces the dispensed with nitrogen.


Check out the video to understand more about our wine preservation and dispensing system;


Why Eternal Vino?

Here is a list of several reasons that make the Eternal Vino Wine Station the perfect choice for your establishment:

1. No Oxygen Through The Entire Process 

Throughout the entire process of uncorking the bottle and pouring the wine into the glass, we ensure that there is no contact with oxygen. The bottle is opened and dispensed in an environment filled with nitrogen gas, preventing any oxidization, leaving the wine as fresh as the day it was bottled.

2. Keep Your Wine Fresh For Up To 11 Months!

Our special sediment filter plugs serve as a replacement for regular corks. This filter eliminates any surface tension allowing a smooth flow of wine. It also collects some of the sediment that you find in older red wines.

3. Multiple Bottles At Once

Eternal Vino provides establishments with the ability to have multiple bottles on offer and easily interchange the bottles in the wine dispensing system. You can preserve some bottles in your wine cellar while keeping popular bottles in the wine station, ready to be poured.

Wine Preservation & Dispensing Machine

Benefits of The Eternal Vino Wine Preserver

Here are just a few of the advantages to using the Eternal Vino Wine Preserving and Dispensing System:


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What makes Eternal Vino so SPECIAL?

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With the ability to store open wine bottles for up to a year, you can provide your customers with far more wine options on your menu.

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The Eternal Vino wine preservation system ensures that time doesn’t affect the integrity of the wine you are serving. Your wine will stay as fresh as the day it was bottled.

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By using the Eternal Vino wine station you will significantly minimize the amount of wine that goes to waste in your establishment.

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Turn your customers into repeat customers by offering them a personalized bottle keep service at your business.


Who is SANDEN?

Founded in 1937, SandenVendo America, Inc. is a Dallas, Texas (USA) based manufacturer of commercial refrigeration and heating equipment. We have led the vending and convenience store industries for decades manufacturing some of the world's best vending machines and foodservice equipment. Stack machines, glass front vendors, hot food displays, refrigerated showcases, ice cream cases, and Micro Market designs, SandenVendo America offers equipment for all of your foodservice needs.

Originally The Vendo Company, a leader in vending manufacturing, SandenVendo America expanded into foodservice equipment in the mid-nineties and began offering micro-market design solutions in 2014. Today, we continue to grow our market share and product lines throughout the world as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sanden Retail Systems Corporation, Tokyo Japan.

SandenVendo America, Inc,​

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Eternal Vino is owned and operated by SANDEN, the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of chilled beverage systems. SANDEN strives to develop and innovate new technologies that incorporate the revolutionary anti-oxidizing properties of Nitrogen to help preserve food and beverages. 


At Eternal Vino, we are more than just a wine preserving producer and distributor. Yes, we create and sell the leading wine preservation system in Japan but we are also a resource hub that provides expertise and knowledge to our client base. Our website was built to offer information on the wine industry, provide product guides, and sell top-quality wine preservation and dispensing systems around the world. We are all wine lovers here, with a passion for drawing the best taste from each drop and preserving quality over extended periods of time. We can’t wait to share what we've learned along the way.  


We value your needs and wants highly, please get in contact with any questions you may have about our services. We endeavor to provide you with information that guides you or matches you with the wine preservation station that you require.