If you are interested in purchasing the Eternal Vino Wine Station, we offer a free trial to all potential customers. This allows you to see how the system works and whether it is a good option for yourself or your establishment. Contact us below and start your free trial today!

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What Happens After You Contact Us?

What Happens After You Contact Us?

Regardless of your establishment type or size, we have a simple, but effective five-step process to let you experience the Eternal Vino. Below are the steps required for you to access our free trial offer:

  1. Enroll for a Free Trial of our Wine Preservation System

  2. We will get in touch with you

  3. Begin your Free Eternal Vino Trial

  4. Leave your Honest Feedback 

  5. Option to Purchase the Eternal Vino Wine Preserver and Dispenser

Enroll for a Free Trial of our Wine Preservation System

Once our customers have successfully contacted us using any of our contact channels, then you are eligible to get a free trial. You will need to answer a few questions about yourself and your establishment and leave us with a few contact details. Following this, we will reach out to you and answer all your questions about the Eternal Vino Wine station. 


With this trial, you will have access to the amazing Eternal Vino wine system for Free! The goal of this is to give our prospective customers a feel of how the system works and how much better their wine tastes when Eternal Vino is used to open and pour it.

We Will Get In Touch With You

Once we receive your submission for a free trial, we will contact you by phone or email. We will ask a few questions about your requirements and then get you all set up for a trial of the Eternal Vino wine dispenser.  Once we have the necessary information, we will either send you the system with detailed instructions for installation or have one of our expert team members set it up at your establishment and guide you through using it.

Begin Your Free Eternal Vino Trial

After reviewing the information inputted concerning the request for a trial, if they are successful, then the trial can begin. With this, our prospective customers get a feel of the fantastic services that the Eternal Vino Wine Station provides.


The free trial is an integral part of our process; we always ensure that our customers are satisfied with our product before they invest in one (they always are). You will get to experience what it is like having the Eternal Vino Wine Station in your establishment, helping you to serve the perfect glass of wine, every time.

Leave Your Honest Feedback

Our mission is to constantly improve our product so if you feel there is something missing or something needs improving on the Eternal Vino Wine station, please provide us with feedback. We will strive to make any necessary changes that will enhance our product so don’t be afraid to reach out to our team and let them know.

Option to Purchase the Eternal Vino Wine Preserver and Dispenser

We are certain you will see all of the benefits of implementing an Eternal Vino wine dispensing and preserving system into your establishment. If you enjoyed your Eternal Vino free trial, take wine service to the next level and purchase one of our systems. Ensure your wine is correctly preserved so you can pour your customers the perfect glass of wine, every time.

A Few Reasons Why You Will Love the Eternal Vino Wine Station

We guarantee wine freshness, our innovative technology allows wine bottles to be opened and then poured glass-by-glass without letting oxygen enter the bottle. This means your wine will taste as fresh as the day it was bottled. The taste and aroma remain untainted for up to a year with the Eternal Vino wine dispenser. The perfect blend of gravity and controlled, low-pressure nitrogen gas preserves the wine. 


The Eternal Vino’s dual climate ability allows control over the temperature, which allows the natural flavor of the wine to emerge. Our system also requires very little maintenance and cleaning. 


The Eternal Vino Wine Preservation and Dispensing System will significantly minimize the wastage of wine in your establishment. This means you can now sell premium bottles of wine by the glass, increasing the total revenue of the bottle and expanding your by-the-glass wine selection."