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Our Tips For Perfectly Preserving Your Wine

Updated: Jul 4

Learn How To Preserve Wine Perfectly. The heat will slowly spoil your wine, resulting in bad flavors and aromas. Keep the Cold Out of the Wine Bottle.
Wine Preservation

  1. Control the Heat of the Room

  2. Keep the Cold Out of the Wine Bottle

  3. Keep the Temperature Consistent

  4. Switch off the Lights

  5. Reduce any Shaking

  6. Minimize Contact with Oxygen

Control the Heat of the Room

When the wine's temperature begins to overheat, the wine's quality could be compromised. A temperature above seventy degrees Fahrenheit often makes the wine age faster than it usually would. The heat will slowly spoil your wine, resulting in bad flavors and aromas.

Keep the Cold Out of the Wine Bottle

If you keep your wine in the household refrigerator, don’t expect it to last more than a few months with the taste intact. While an average temperature of forty-five degrees Fahrenheit is convenient to save perishable foods and then keep out extra moisture. The cold leads to the cork drying out and allowing air into the bottle, which damages the wine.

Keep the Temperature Consistent

As much as you have to worry about keeping the temperature not too hot or too cold, you also have to watch for temperature swings. When the temperature is inconsistent the wine is constantly changing, thus impacting the quality and longevity. Store your wine bottles in a well-insulated cellar, or Eternal Vino wine station to ensure it stays at the right temperature.

Switch off the Lights

Sunlight and standard room lights can pose a threat to your wine when cellared for a long time. The UV rays from the sun cause the wine to age prematurely and degrade its quality. This is a significant reason why wines are mostly in colored bottles. Note that light from the household may not damage the wine itself but could cause the labels to fade. If there is any need for illumination in the cellar, incandescent bulbs are the best choice.

Reduce any Shaking

When the wine bottle is not carefully handled, or the cellar or storage unit vibrates too often, it could spoil the wine. The wine bottle needs to be kept in a secure position to keep the liquid from moving around. Otherwise, the movement speeds up the wine's chemical reaction which degrades the wine faster.

Minimize Contact with Oxygen

There is a significant amount of oxidation that happens when a wine bottle is opened and poured. Oxidation has a drastic effect on wine preservation and can quickly spoil a good wine. To minimize the oxidation rate, there needs to be a reduction of contact between the air and the wine. The Eternal Vino wine station prevents all exposure to oxygen from the time of cork extraction to when you pour the last drop of wine from the bottle, helping to perfectly preserve your wine for up to 11 months from opening.

Information About the Eternal Vino Wine Station

Sanden Retail Systems Co. launched the Eternal Vino Wine Preserver, creating the first system of its kind that completely stops oxygen exposure in the corking and pouring process. The wine station helps establishments that serve wine to maintain the highest taste standard, reduce waste, and offer more choices of wine to their customers.

The patented FreshKeep wine saver technology allows the wine to stay fresh for as long as eleven months without degrading its quality. Below are the steps required to perfectly preserve your bottle of wine when uncorking it:

How to Uncork Your Wine Bottle and Pour Your Wine While Avoiding Oxidation:

  1. Select any corked wine bottle from your selection.

  2. Attach the Eternal Vino Cork-Changer onto the mouth of the bottle to create an airtight environment.

  3. Purge the oxygen from the chambers with Nitrogen then use the corkscrew to extract the cork.

  4. Rotate the disc handle until the plug chamber is covering the mouth of the chamber and push the plug chamber piston down into the bottle.

  5. You can now remove the cork-chamber from the bottle and the new airtight plug will stay in the wine bottle.

  6. Place the bottle upside down in the Eternal Vino wine station. It is time to dispense your wine, use the wine station to pour the perfect glass of wine for your customers or yourself.

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